Using the wind sythesizer,

iPhone & Nintendo GameBoy,

Peter Van Siclen performs 8-bit solo compositions. He also experiments with saxophone effect pedals and multitrack looping using the EHX 2880 and Ableton Live.


Shokazoba has been a politically charged Afro-funk institution in Northampton, MA for almost a decade. They have won multiple awards from the Valley Advocate and are regulars on the festival scene. Van Siclen plays tenor saxophone and wind synthesizer on their album Congress for Sale.

Michael Shakely & Graham

Formery the Peter Van Siclen Trio,

MSG writes eclectic experimental groove based music. Formed by Noah "Michael" Cole, Peter "Shakley" Van Siclen and Danji "Graham" Buck-Moore, their songs range from bluegrass/disco to "Death Klezmer".


Zebu! is an explosive blast of rock & roll in the form of Steve Dagastino and Ted Lee. The duo added Van Siclen's saxophone to their surf rock album "Chill Wave" and he has been known to join them on stage for their zany antics in New England, New York Phillidelphia, Georgia & Alabama.