Peter Van Siclen is a professional music educator located in Middletown, CT.
He studied jazz with Doc Woods and composition with Sam Pellman at Hamilton College.
In 2009 he earned his Master of Music in jazz composition at UMass Amherst.
Whether it is orchestral or big band, electronic or acoustic,
Van Siclen's compositions are centered around odd rhythms and a love of the groove.

Opus Suite:

I. Steamer

II. Double Espresso

III. Cold Tea

IV. Opus Magnum



  • What We Do

  • Bridge Out

  • Big Time

  • Inside Voices


Signed Sealed Delivered (St





evie Wonder Arr.)

Pemaquid Suite (flute quintet or flute, clarinet & bassoon):

     I. Tidewater Way

     II. Round Pond

     III. Damariscotta


  • No! (SSAA, lyrics: Thomas Hood-1799-1845)

  • Paper Moon (Arr. Saxophone Quintet + GameBoy & EWI)

  • Minivan (flute, piano & bass)

  • Fog Lights (string trio + jazz sextet)

  • String Trio #1 (mandolin, harp, piano)

  • Turbulence (String Quartet)

  • Pot Holes (Saxophone Quartet)

  • The Monk Row (solo piano)

Green Line Symphony:

I. Columbia Heights

II. U. Street

III. Gallery Place

IV. Anacostia


Memorial Suite:

I. Zinc

II. Sweet Bee

III. Global House Warming Party



  •  Odds & Ends 

  • Thaw 

  • Tubulo-Interstitial Nephritis 

  • Mr. Mustang 

  • Radar Red 

  • Fetch

  • Lost Change

  • Flute Loops

  • Sax Loops

  • Tai Chi CHAI TEA 


  • Little Jimmy & the Time Thief

  • Sprung

  • Dream Big

  • Super Powers

  • Turbulence (for Zeaskeez)

  • Down With The Ship (Swamp Rock)

  • Tunnel Vision (Afrobeat)

  • Suburban Vultures (Rock)

  • Showdown in Estoria (Surf Rock)



The Hunt:

I. Dark Entangled Vines

II. Down into the Black Mouth’d Gully

III. Siren’s Plea

IV. Midnight Strikes

V. The Hunt

VI. My Time Has Come!

VII. Sleep Softly



  • Callin In Sic!

  • Mary Go Round

  • White House Blues

  • Waltz for Eva

  • P.S.



  • Along for the Ride

  • Close Quarters

  • Reflections on Hymn

  • Signed Sealed Delivered

        (Stevie Wonder Arr.)


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